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2018 Changes

We've heard your feedback and are making changes to make Perks even better for you! Perks in 2018 will include more sweepstakes prizes and will feature better clubs for you to earn more free items! To make these upgrades, we have to make a few changes.

New Clubs:
Monster Club** - Buy 8 Monster Energy Drinks, get the 9th one FREE!
Kings Club** - Buy 8 King Size candy products, get the 9th one FREE!

Merged Clubs: 
The Fountain Drink Club* and Hot Drink Club* will combine to form the Drink Club**.
The Breakfast Burrito Club* and Breakfast Sandwich Club* will combine to form the Breakfast Club**.
The Bigs Seeds Club* and Spitz Seeds Club* will combine to form the Seeds Club**.
The Nesquik Pint Club* will combine with Good2Grow to form the Kids Club**.

The following clubs will be ending on December 29, 2017: Nachos Club, Cinnabon Classic Club, Pecanbon Roll Club, Minibon Club, Skinny Pop Club, Clif Bar Club, Power Bar Club, Stacy's Pita Club, Planters Tube Nuts Club, Reeses Club, M&M Club, Topps Candy Club, Mentos Club and Popcorn Club.

Everyday Member Pricing will be discontinued on December 29, 2017, but be on the lookout for special limited-time-only promotions for members only!

*Clubs ending on January 19, 2018. You will continue to accrue purchases until you receive your free item, or until January 19, 2018, whichever happens first. All purchases within these clubs made between 1/3/2018 - 1/19/2018 will also count toward the new, combined club.
**Clubs starting January 3, 2018

2017 Clubs